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 Friends, welcome to this website of ours, where we are going to talk in front of you today, the famous actor of Tick Talk, Anam Darbar, who is considered to be a famous tick talk of India, has performed very well on the tip top, they have made a lot of splash, people are crazy seeing their videos, so in this post of today, we will talk about reading this post of Aman Darbar very carefully only then you will get all their information

About Anam Darbar–

Anam Darbar is interested in modelling shooting she is mainly famous for comedy videos which puts comedy videos on her tick talk wow tip top has also earned the country’s soil country to be comedian she is also a style blogger Aman Darbar is also considered for popular Masar Huff Darbar’s sister Aman Darbar hot personality it is considered the queen of tip top
Anam darbar

Anam Darbar Biography –

नाम- अनम दरबार
उम्र – 23 वर्ष
जन्म स्थान – मुंबई महाराष्ट्र
जन्म की तारीख – 29 दिसंबर 1997
राष्ट्रीयता – भारतीय
धर्म – मुस्लिम
पिता का नाम- नहीं पता
माता का नाम – नहीं पता
विवाह – अविवाहित
राशि- कन्या
शिक्षण योगिता – नहीं पता
हेयर कलर- ब्राउन
आई कलर – ब्लैक
स्किन कलर  – गोरा
हाइट – 5 फिट 5 इंच
वजन- 55 किलोग्राम
Anam darbar

About Anam Darbar’s Boyfriend-

Aman Darbar currently likes to be alone it’s not dating anyone it’s mostly paying attention to his career and video on tick talk likes to make one tomorrow only

Anam Darbar’s WhatsApp Number –

Aman Darbar’s WhatsApp number is not available yet, as soon as it is available, you will be noted through this post and your mobile number will also be found in this post

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