DSL 22 app review in 2021 , DSL App se paise Kaise kamaye

Friends, today people in every corner of the world are earning lakhs of rupees with the help of Android app, many earning apps have come in the world through which people are doing their entire business business, if in such a situation you also want that you too. If you can earn something through an application from a mobile phone, then read this post carefully today because in today’s post we have brought for you and very best application through which you can earn thousands of rupees a month. Let us tell you the complete details about this application and will also tell you how to install this application, how you will work in it and how you will transfer money to your bank account by creating your own account in it.

DSL 22 app review in 2021

Friends, the application we are going to tell you about today is the name of the application DSL app, this application is a foreign application because of this, the currency that you will earn from it will be in dollars, so when you transfer them to your bank account, what is the rate of this dollar in India, according to that the money will come in your bank account like if you come less than $ 50 this application, then it will be around ₹ 74 in India.

It is also very easy to run this application, so people can use this application and there is no need to work too hard, what work will have to be done, later you will get the details in this post.

Where to install DSL 22 app

To install this application, you have to go to the Google Play Store and search bar there, I have to search you DSL 22, as soon as you make so much truth, the application will be seen at the top of you, then you can install it comfortably by clicking on install, this application is only 34 MB application and if you talk by downloading, then 700000 will be downloaded, if you talk about waiting, then there is a setting of 3 point 5.

How to create your account in DSL 22 app p

Friends, before using the sl22 app, you have to create an account of your own in this application so that you can transfer the money earned in your application to your own bank account until you have an account of yourself, where will your money come because of this, first of all you have to create your own account by clicking on the button on the sign in in an account.

DSL App se paise Kaise kamaye

If you have installed this application and have made your own account in it, then now there is a need to do some work in it so that you can earn some money through this application, there is no need to do much special work in this application, in this application you have to play some games, when you play the game, some adds keep coming and by coming, some revenue is made in it, which the application manager will give you something, the other person will keep it right.

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