Best Ladies Doctor in Lucknow for Pregnancy

Friends, if you are searching in Google Best Ladies Doctor in Lucknow for Pregnancy then today’s post is for you because in today’s post we are going to tell you about 5 such ladies doctor near you who are proving to be very good for pregnancy. Those who are pregnant and want to get their treatment, then for this they can contact these ladies doctor.

Ladies Doctor Near me for Pregnancy

Women who want to get their treatment done at the time of pregnancy, then there is only one question in the mind of every woman that if a male doctor will not treat me, then I would like to tell those women that there are five such lady doctors for them, which is enough. are good and are of very good nature, will talk to you well and will also treat you well

Friends, women all over India are suffering from some disease and they search in Google Best Ladies Doctor Near Me, then the details of the ladies doctors who are near them come, but do you know how to reach those doctors It is not so easy because no contact number is given there, but today in this post we are giving you the details, we will also give you their contact number so that you can contact Dr.

Best Lady Doctor for Pregnancy in Lucknow Contact Number

So friends, if you are a resident of Lucknow and you want to get the information of the best lady doctor of Lucknow and want to get their contact number together, then for this you can read the details given below and from there you can scold. can contact

1 – Dr. Sunita Chandra
MBBS, MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Advanced training
Gynecologist, Lucknow

Friends, the name of this lady’s doctor is Sunita Chandra and she has about 35 years of experience in the doctor line and if you talk about her fees, then if you go to her clinic, then her clinic fee of ₹ 600 is the rest of her online fee. 1000 is

Click here for more information – Click here

2 – Dr. Vidhu Srivastava
MD – Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynecologist, Lucknow

Friends, the name of this lady doctor is Vidhu Srivastava and she lives in Lucknow and works at her clinic, she has a 30-year experience in the doctor’s line and the charge on her clinic is ₹ 400, that is, her The doctor fee is ₹400

Dr. Vidhu Srivastava Click here for more information – Click here

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Ladies Doctor Contact Number

Friends, if you want to get the contact number of the lady doctor, in the details of the doctors given above for the country, you will see that it will be written, click here for more information, then by clicking there you can go to their official website and the same If their numbers will be found in the official website, then you can talk to you directly on the call or you can also go and consult them.

Lady Doctor Near me for Skin

If you have any kind of problem in your skin and you want a lady’s doctor who is a dermatologist and especially she is a lady’s doctor, if you want to come to such a doctor, then you must have given above two contact numbers on them. You can contact or you can contact him diet because I have given the link of his official website, then you can contact updates from there.

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