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प्रियंका मोंगिया

Priyanka Mongia’s biography-

Priyanka Mongia is from a Punjabi family and follows Hinduism. Priyanka Mongia has not disclosed about her parents. Priyanka Mongia has a brother named Gaurav Mongia Priyanka Mongia loves her personal life . . . are doing

Priyanka Mongia’s acting-

Priyanka Mongia is considered one of the Indian Tick Talk artists Priyanka Mongia also posts romantic videos on Tick Talk Priyanka Mongia single-handedly makes videos and sometimes collaborates with other artists.

 About Priyanka Mongia’s YouTube

 Priyanka Mongia also has a YouTube channel near Priyanka Mongia which it uses to upload her tick talk videos in which she started her channel in 2019.

Priyanka Mongia’s biography

Name – Priyanka Mongia
Age – 24 years
Date of Birth – 27 September 1997
Place of Birth- Punjab, India
Religion – Hindu
Nationality – Indian
Skin Color – Blonde
Marriage – Single
Starting of career – 2019
Profession – Actress, Model
Height – 5 feet 5 inches
O Color- Black Brow
Eye Color – Black

 Name of Priyanka Mongia’s boyfriend –

Priyanka Mongia currently prefers to be single, yet she has not made any boyfriend. He likes to be simple

Priyanka Mongia’s WhatsApp Number-

Priyanka Motia’s WhatsApp number is not available yet, as soon as her WhatsApp number will be available, you will be noted through this post.

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