Radhika active 73 Contact Best money earning app in india

In today’s post, I am going to tell you the complete information about Radhika Active 73 Best Money Earning App, so if you also want to use this app and earn money sitting at home through it, then this post of today It is only for you and you must read this post carefully, I hope that after reading this post, you will not need to read any other post, you will get complete information in this post, so let’s tell about it in full detail.

So friends, before proceeding further in the post, I would like to tell you that my name is Dinesh Kumar and I am not doing bad for the last 5 years and till date I have answered the questions of thousands of people very well and our Almost everyone has been completely satisfied with the answer given by Radhika Active 73 Complete detail about contact app

What is radhika active 73 contract app

Friends, if you do not know what Radhika Active 73 Contact Apps is, then in today’s post we will tell you what it is and how it will be used and what you can do by using it, so first of all I will tell you I would like to tell that Radhika Active 73 Contact App is a type of money earning app and by using it you can earn money online.

In this you will get to see a lot of news, you have to read them and here you can also publish your news, you can publish about the events that happen around you in this app and you can also put photos in them. Yes, after having complete information, you can publish your post, after that the more views you will get on that post, the more you will get, then in the same way you can earn money online using this app.

Note that whatever you earn in this app, 20% of the commission will go to the company, that is, the owner of this app will become the owner, after that whatever 80% of the earnings will be left, you can get through UPI in your bank account without any additional charges and In this, whatever you earn is transferred to your bank account in 7 days.

How to install radhika active 73 contacts app

Friends, if you want to install Radhika Active 73 Contact App for the country, you have to go to Google Play Store and search there, Radhika Active 73 Contact App does this much truth, now you will get to see it at the top and then You can install it on your phone by touching on the body of the install. If you want, you can also install this app by going to its official website, but I would request that you install it through Google Play Store only.

If you download and install this app from any third party website, then you will not be able to get its latest version, due to which you may not get to see many features and this will cause you a lot of problems, so whenever you download this app Install then go to google play store and stall somewhere, from there you will get its latest version because it will be updated and you will get a lot of benefit from it.

How to create account in Radhika Active 73 Contacts App

Look, it is very easy to create an account in this app, in this you will not need to do much, as soon as you install this app and open the application after installation, you will immediately ask for your mobile number, then you will be able to enter your mobile number there. You can also enter the mobile number, but keep in mind that enter such a mobile number which is active and OTP will go on it, even if you get it, only then you can confirm your account.

As soon as you confirm the account by entering your OTP here, then there you will ask for your complete details, such as your mobile number, email ID, password and name address, it will ask you for complete details, then you have to fill all these details and there you will see your profile photo. After that you have to click on create account, your account will be created and then you can work comfortably in it.

How to earn money from radhika active 73 contact app

If you have got complete information about Radhika Active 73 Contact App and you have also installed this app and have created your account in it, then now it is your turn to work in it because until you work in it Till then you will not get any money, so you have to publish small news in it because it should be real, if you publish any fake news in it, then after a few days your account will be closed and you cannot work in it.

As soon as you do a public post here, at the same time you will have to upload a photo related to the post there, then you can also upload the photo and after that you can publish that post when people will see your post. If you pay, you will earn some money and out of that 20% of your earnings will be taken by the company, after that 80% of the earnings will be transferred to your bank account through UPI, so now you can use it comfortably.

So friends, I hope that from today’s post you have got complete information about Radhika Active 73 Contact App, if you still have any doubt or any problem, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box below. Yes, we will definitely solve your problem and if there is any complaint, you can tell me by commenting, then I will definitely tell you about that topic.

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