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shivani kumari tik tok biography in hindi

 Friends, you are welcome to our website where we are going to tell you today, Shivani Kumari would be considered to be a tick talk about the famous actor of Tick Talk Shivani Kumari, so today we are going to talk about these posts, so read this post carefully today because in this post I am going to tell you their mobile number and WhatsApp number

 About Shivani Kumari –

Shivani Kumari is a very best artist of Tick Talk, it is doing well on Tick Talk, people are getting crazy by watching the video of friends Shivani Kumari and every person is crazy about them
Shivani kumari

Shivani Kumari’s Biography –

नाम- शिवानी कुमारी
 उम्र-  20 वर्ष
 जन्म तिथि- 15 सितंबर 2001
 जन्म स्थान – दिबियापुर यूपी
ऊंचाई- 5 फीट 7 इंच
 वजन – 75 किलोग्राम
 आंखों का रंग – काला
बालों का रंग- काला
 त्वचा का रंग – गोरा
पिता का नाम- नहीं पता
माता का नाम- नहीं पता
बेस्ट फ्रेंड- नहीं पता
राष्ट्रीयता- भारतीय
धर्म- हिंदू
विवाह – अविवाहित
योग्यता- इंटरमीडिएट

शिवानी कुमारी जी का मोबाइल नंबर

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Shivani kumari

About Shivani Kumari’s Boyfriend –

Friends, about Shivani Kumari’s boyfriend, I tried to find out on a lot of platforms who is their boyfriend but no one found out that it is better to be alone at the moment and it is not dating anyone where paying more attention to his career

Shivani Kumari’s mobile number or WhatsApp number

Friends, if I talk here about their mobile number, then if their mobile number is leaked on the internet, then you can guess how many of their friends had a big problem with them, not everyone, all of them are given below in the account of social media and their mobile number is not available yet, as soon as it is available, you will be told through this post

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